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Singapore on Thames Lol? The UK version should be "London Trading Hub". The docks at "London Felixstowe are part of the Chinese group Hutchinson Port holdings and listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. From here goods can get too and from London to the South A12 and with the rebuilt A14 to the Midlands and the North (A1 or M1) . Felixstowe docks needs a serious expansion and arguably a second back up port "London Southampton" M3 and M25 should London Felixstowe be out of action. This London Felixstowe port has to be big enough to compete with Rotterdam and probably be bigger than it is currently. Whilst some of the City of London has moved to Paris and Frankfurt hopefully there is still enough of the City of London left to still compete on the World stage.

London Heathrow, London Gatwick and London Stansted would handle global air passengers and air cargo.

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