The sucker in the room...

It’s an old poker saying that if after five minutes of play you can’t tell who the sucker is, it is you. This saying was brought to mind by the PM’s pathetic and hugely damaging attempt to avoid self isolating yesterday. Not only did he put out a press release saying he wouldn’t be following the rules like the rest of us, he sent a junior minister to do the media rounds defending his decision.

Two hours and 38 minutes later he did a complete U-Turn and then put out a video statement that while he had briefly considered not isolating he had decided it was in the country’s best interests if he did.

The shamelessness was quite staggering but then you have to remember that the PM will sacrifice anyone to survive. Which brings us to the Northern Ireland Protocol, yet again.

There are only three options really: The EU folds and destroys the Single Market, the UK does what it promised to do and implements the NIP, the UK abandons the NIP and its trade deal with the EU.

The only sensible and sane policy is to implement the NIP, but that will be deeply unpopular. So who could the PM get to push and push for another solution and then throw to the dogs to divert attention from his own incompetence?

I believe Lord Frost, will once again be trying to find a solution to this mess this week. I am sure we all wish him good luck.